The Best Boots For Over 40s: Style Advice For 40 Plus Women

A good pair of women’s boots is a wardrobe staple we’ve all grown used to. They’re versatile, comfortable, and stylish. But when women reach their 40’s, many of us start to worry about how to style our boots. We become concerned about what to wear with certain styles of boot and how to wear them to look our best. The good news is, forty is nothing! In reality, style changes need only be minimal to keep you looking stylish in your 40’s. Here’s some advice on how to look your best.

How To Wear Tall Boots

Tall boots make you look modern and elegant and you can keep wearing them into your 40’s and beyond. They’re great for creating a youthful and stylish appearance without looking too young and girly. Here are our thoughts on how to wear your favourite tall boot types.


Knee high boots

These boots sit just below the knee cap which is flattering because it lengthens the appearance of the leg. Knee high boots might be heeled or flat and you can opt for either depending on your outfit.

How To Style

Knee high boots work well with a skirt or dress that falls just above the knee. Style with opaque tights to draw less attention to your legs. Avoid skirts or dresses that finish below the top of your boots as this can look frumpy! Slim fitting, tucked-in dark jeans or leggings work well too.

Riding boots

An ideal style for women in their 40’s, riding boots are a classic. They’re chic and sophisticated and they usually hit just below the knee which is a very flattering length. What’s more, a riding boot is practical and will suit your lifestyle. If you’re running around after kids, driving a lot or keeping active, the flat sole of these boots will keep you comfortable.

What To Wear Them With

These versatile boots can be worn with leggings or tucked-in jeans. They’re also great with casual dresses or skirts. Make sure dresses and skirts aren’t too short to keep the look mature and sophisticated.

Thigh high boots

A trend at the moment, thigh high or over the knee boots are a fun style. However, they can be difficult to pull off whatever your age. If you have shorter legs they’re not ideal. They also bring emphasis to your thighs. If this isn’t something you want, these styles are best avoided. However, if you’re lucky enough to have reached your 40’s with long legs and slim thighs, by all means, give this style a go!

How To Style

Over the knee boots are best worn with slim jeans or leggings that will fit smoothly inside the boot. The colour of your jeans or leggings should match the colour of your boots to create a stylish and understated look. Team with a cosy, over-sized jumper, blouse or long tunic to balance the look and keep it tasteful.

Calf Boots

Boots that reach the middle of the calf can be a little challenging. They cut off the leg and can make them look shorter or chunkier. If you don’t want to draw attention to your legs you might want to avoid calf boots. However, just like thigh high boots, if you have long, slim legs well into your 40’s you might feel confident enough to wear this style.

What To Wear With Them

Team calf boots a knee length skirt and dark tights to show them off or enjoy the warmth they offer without the less-than-flattering silhouette by wearing them under boot cut jeans or trousers. The short skirts and shorts you might have worn with calf boots in your youth are probably best left behind!

Cowboy boots

The same rules that apply to calf boots also apply to cowboy boots. However, this style can be a little more forgiving due to its relaxed style.

Tips and Tricks:

-Minimise the gap: pick well-fitting boots that have little space around your leg. This will provide a sleek fit to make you look tapered and streamlined.

Don’t go too tight: on the flip side, too tight is also a no-no. They’ll be uncomfortable and cause the skin to bulge which will disrupt your sleek silhouette.

Got large calves? Choose boots with elastic panels and a full-length zip. Look for at least 16” in width around the calf area. Opt for a thick heel and a pointed toe to elongate your legs and match the colour of tights or trousers with your boots.

Got slim calves? Choose boots with around 14” around the calf or less. Elastic insets will provide a tighter fit. Play with bright colours and detail to add a feeling of weight if you’re conscious of the slightness of your calves.

Dress for comfort: suede is soft and flexible, so it’s a good choice of material for tall boots.

How To Wear Short Boots

For women in their 40’s, shorter boots can be a much more worrying prospect than tall boots. How will they make my ankles look? Will my legs look fat? These are concerns whatever your age, but they may become even more concerning as we get older. The good news is, we can wear short boots. Style them carefully and they’re flattering and fashionable.


Ankle Boots

Women’s ankle boots are big this season and there are a whole variety of styles available from flat to heeled ankle boots. The key to looking good whatever your age is finding the right style to suit your shape.

How To Style

For a refined approach, your ankle boots are best worn with a skirt or boot cut jeans. Once again, if you choose a skirt then keep it knee length, a high hem might show off more leg than you intend! Match the colour of your tights and skirt to the colour of your boots to keep the look modest. Opting for boot cut jeans is a perfect way to enjoy the support and look of a heeled ankle boot without worrying about them making your legs look stumpy. Make sure they jeans aren’t too short, though – they should clear the ground by no more than an inch at the back.

Can I Wear Combat Boots?

There’s no yes or no answer to whether combat boots are suitable for over 40’s. It all depends on what you wear them with. For a grown-up take on the trend, style this chunky boot with dark, slim jeans and a chunky jumper or a maxi dress. If they feel comfortable and you’re happy with the way you look then go for it!

Tips and Tricks:

-Keep it classic: timeless styles are the easiest to wear. If in doubt choose a classic.

Pear shapes: choose a boot with a heel or wedge.

Wide shoulders: look for embellished boots.

Add curves: by choosing boots with detail.

Colours: dark, plain colours are more modest. Stick to these for ageless appeal.

Be yourself: it’s still just as important as ever! Embrace your personal style.

Don’t be afraid of wearing boots once you reach your 40’s. You can still pull off all the styles you’re used to! Enjoy experimenting with your look to find out what works for you. Have fun!

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